Regular, routine care can lower your electricity bills.

Every year, your  air conditioner loses about 5% of its initial efficiency without routine care. This  means  your air conditioner has to work harder each year to do exactly the same amount of cooling, causing more wear and tear on the unit,costing you more money and in the long run shortening its longevity.

When your A/C system is routinely checked, it ought to have the capacity to serve you faithfully and economically for many years – saving you money over the long term.

Performing regular maintenance on your A/C unit all year long will make sure you’re receiving the best from your system. This can result in substantial savings in your energy bills and keep your house cozy.

“Klein Heating and Cooling“ offers A/C maintenance agreements that provide for assessing and ensuring your system is optimized for peak operation.

Freon amounts are assessed and regulated. Your system will not cool correctly if the Freon levels are low. It could even be a sign that there’s a leak somewhere in the lines. Our Technicians check to make certain that the Freon levels are set for optimal performance.

Routine care also helps to make sure that drains are not clogged or full of dangerous bacteria. We flush condensation lines on every visit. Bacteria and water can build up in the lines that drain excess water from the system. To stop water leaking problems, it is essential to ensure these lines are not full. In situations where algae build-up is present, we contain the affected region to clean.

We also completely scrutinize all elements of the system. A squeaky motor may want lubrication and some oil. In addition, we assess all electric connections and controlling devices for voltage and appropriate fit. This consists of calibrating the thermostat (when needed) and assessing the security controls.

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